LOS ANGELES: Real Web Marketing Inc. (https://www.realwebmarketing.net), a website marketing company located in Southern California, has now achieved Google Partner status, including being Google AdWords Certified.

To be accepted as a Google Partner, company president John Eberhard had to pass several tests showing superior knowledge of AdWords, the company had to have AdWords clients with a certain amount of spending in recent months, and they had to be routinely applying a number of AdWords best practices.

John Eberhard, President of Real Web Marketing Inc., stated, “With all the competition and new, more complex features on Google AdWords today, it is more important than ever for businesses to work with an experienced AdWords consultant. I believe that through this program we can better service our existing clients where we set up and manage AdWords accounts.”

John Eberhard has been involved in marketing for a wide variety of businesses for 29 years. Real Web Marketing Inc. was founded in 1999 in the Los Angeles area, and has clients all over the U.S, in a wide variety of fields such as health care, consulting, construction, home improvement, skin care, debt counseling, personnel recruitment, court reporting, attorneys, business consulting, restaurants, drug rehabilitation, publishing, software, residential and commercial real estate, dance instruction, tax consulting, plumbing, tree nurseries, landscaping and many others. The services offered by Real Web Marketing Inc. include pay-per-click campaign management, website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, link building, online PR, print design, market research, and video production and marketing. The company can be reached at 661-441-2429, or on their website at https://realwebmarketing.net.