Offers Video Production Services for Small Business Web Sites

Firm Offers Simple, Affordable Videos in Order to Make Them More Accessible for Smaller Businesses

Los Angeles, CA:, ( an Internet marketing firm specializing in working with small to medium-sized businesses, has now added video production services to its list of Internet marketing service offerings. The company’s specialty with this new service is producing simple, inexpensive videos, thus making them more affordable and available for smaller businesses.

You can view’s new video, “Why You Need to Advertise on Google AdWords,” on their web site at The company is also working on a new video production for a home improvement industry company in Los Angeles.

John Eberhard stated “The time of the online business video has come. I’m not talking about those videos on YouTube showing guys in white coats shoving Mentos tablets into bottles of Diet Coke with pyrotechnical results, or one I saw yesterday of a cute bunny chewing the end off of an envelope, acting as a live letter opener. No, as fun and amusing as those videos are, I’m talking about videos that businesses get produced for them, that explain what the business does or show their products or services and sell them. These are usually 5-10 minute videos, placed in strategic places on the company’s web site and uploaded to online video sharing sites. Why are videos so important for business web sites at this time? One reason is your web visitor’s short attention span. Think of the way YOU browse when you’re looking for a specific product or service. You look up something on a search engine, then visit a couple sites. But when you arrive at one of the sites, you only give that site a short time to convince you that they have what you want or explain what they do. You only have seconds to engage your web visitor. If you can engage his attention in a fast, high-impact, compelling, visual way, with a well-produced business video, then you’re way ahead of the pack.”

John Eberhard has been involved in marketing for a wide variety of businesses for 19 years. was founded in 1996 in the Los Angeles area, and has clients all over the U.S. Anyone interested in more information on getting a video produced can go to

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